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At DB Surgical, we are dedicated to bringing transformational surgical technologies to hospitals and surgery centers. Our focus is on introducing tools that enable surgeons to advance patient outcomes beyond those available today.

Using the relationships that we have built with industry-leading surgeons, we seek to understand and meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers. Since 1997, we have worked to identify, distribute, and service medical devices that accelerate innovation.

Surgical Products

Surgical Microscopes

As the exclusive representative for Leica Microsystems in the Southeastern U.S., we provide advanced surgical microscopes designed specifically for each surgical discipline, enabling surgeons to operate with flawless precision. The Leica microscope features state-of-the-art modular systems that offer the surgeon an unmatched degree of maneuverability, and the optical unit on each device delivers the sharpest level of clarity and focus for enhanced visibility.

Surgical Instruments & Solutions

At DB Surgical, we carry surgical instrument brands that are known for their exceptional quality, precision, and durability. Our premium surgical instruments and specialty solutions are designed with exacting precision for smooth and seamless operation that complements the surgeon’s skill.

Electrosurgical Products

As the exclusive distributor for Kirwan in the Southeast, we provide an extensive array of electrosurgical products and accessories, including forceps, cords, and generators designed for optimal performance. Quality and compatibility of components are assured when Kirwan Surgical Products are supported by our knowledgeable sales team.

Equipment Drapes

We offer a variety of disposable surgical drapes to help create the sterile environment necessary for better patient outcomes. Our drapes allow non-sterile equipment to be brought into the sterile field while protecting patients from infection.

Surgical Headlights

As the exclusive distributor for CUDA Surgical in the Southeast, we provide state-of-the-art surgical headlights that offer safe, reliable, brilliant illumination for the most delicate operations. Featuring daylight-white color temperatures of up to 5600°K (and a turbo mode offering increased illumination up to 225,000 LUX), these high intensity headlights are designed to give the surgeon an ecologically clean and functionally consistent bright light source for performing microsurgical procedures with flawless accuracy.

Video & Recording

For teaching, presenting, and other purposes, video recording has become critical in operating room procedures. We offer a full array of video and recording solutions specifically designed for the needs of medical professionals.

Patient Positioning

We offer a full array of patient positioning products across a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines. In the Southeast, we are the exclusive distributor for SchureMed, an industry leading manufacturer known for providing safety and comfort to patients while meeting the specific positioning challenges inherent to surgery.

Surgical Navigation

As the exclusive representative for 7D Surgical in the Southeast, we provide the first and only Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) platform that ushers in a new world of spinal navigation. For the first-time, spine surgery patients can be quickly, easily, and automatically registered using only visible light and 7D Surgical’s Flash Registration technology.