Once again, a horrendous act of violence has occurred on the campus of an American school. This time, the tragedy unfolded in the same community that DB Surgical has been a part of for the past 21 years. The time to treat this chronic and hideous illness afflicting American society was a long time ago (~19 years).

Nonetheless, our company feels compelled to make a contribution with the hopes of actually driving change so that next month we are not reading about another random act of hatred perpetrated on innocent children. As such, DB Surgical will be donating 5% of revenue from products ordered through DBS through the end of the month to the victims of the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School. This donation will go to both the victims directly as well as to programs designed to treat the underlying cause of these recurring heinous events.

Even though we are a small company with limited resources, we believe the cost of not taking action in this situation is simply too high. Change starts with the people at the community level. Let’s cure this disease we as Americans have lived with for too long.