Surgical Headlights

As the exclusive distributor for BFW in the Southeast, we provide state-of-the-art quality surgical headlights that offer safe, reliable, brilliant illumination for the most delicate operations. Featuring daylight-white color temperatures of up to 5800°K (and a turbo mode offering increased illumination up to 220,000 LUX), these high intensity headlights are designed to give the surgeon an ecologically clean and functionally consistent bright light source for performing microsurgical procedures with flawless accuracy.

BFW surgical headlights feature a technologically advanced bulb type that experiences little or no color temperature decay over time, providing remarkable consistency after many uses. Additionally, these products offer an unprecedented lamp life that greatly reduces the cost of ownership.

Our surgical headlights will benefit multiple surgical disciplines including:

For answers to questions and more information about our surgical headlights, please contact us to speak to a representative.